Pets are like members of the family, but unfortunately, they can cause serious problems for your HVAC system. Indoor animals create additional allergens and debris in your indoor air, which has an impact on your overall health. When you have pets, take these additional steps to ensure your HVAC stays in good shape. Here are some tips to implement to your HVAC maintenance plan.

Keep Your Pet Clean

One of the best way pet owners can keep their HVAC in good condition is to keep their pets clean. Bathe your pets regularly to keep their hair and skin in good condition and to help loosen their shedding hair.

Dry your pet thoroughly to help remove any excess dander that did not come off during their bath. Brush the pet’s hair completely to remove dead hair. These steps will help prevent any hair and allergens from going into your air filter and creating clogs.

Do Regular Air Filter Maintenance

Pet owners need to do additional air filter maintenance, especially when your pets shed. A clean air filter is crucial to the health of an HVAC system. When an air filter is dirty, air cannot flow through the system as efficiently. This means your system could potentially overwork itself, which will require repairs more frequently.

In addition, the hair and pet dander will cycle through your home if your air filter is dirty. This leads to reduced indoor air quality. If you area person with a compromised respiratory system, such as allergies or asthma, you stand a higher risk of attacks when the air quality is poor

While cleaning your air filters a few times a year is typical, pet owners should check filters at least once a month. Pet hair and dander can build quickly, which is why you need to check more often.

Upgrade Your Air Filter

If you find yourself constantly replacing your air filter, you may want to think about upgrading your air filter. Special filters that accumulate pet dander are available. You will then not have to change or clean the filter as often. They also do a better job of trapping allergens. However, do not use a filter with a rating higher than your HVAC system requires

Install an Air Purifier 

If you have many pets, or if you have breeds with long hair, you may want to consider installing an air purification system in your home. An air purifier is wonderful at removing all sorts of contaminants in a home. In addition to removing pet dander, an air purifier helps remove pollen, mold spores, and dust

Protect Your Outdoor Condenser

Pets, whether they mean to or not, can cause damage to many parts of a home. Your outdoor condenser unit is not immune. Dogs are particularly tough on outdoor units, as many will urinate on a unit to mark their territory. Unfortunately, this will cause corrosion and lead to expensive repairs.

Dogs will also chew or dig around an outdoor condenser unit. They could accidentally chew essential wires and other connections necessary for
the unit to operate.

If you notice damage, consider placing a barrier or other form of protection around your condenser. A picket fence structure is a perfect solution.
The fence will prevent dogs from accessing the condenser.

Always maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis with a licensed technician. If you need help with any component of your HVAC, please
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any question you have. We do it once and we do it right!